Nvidia Or ATI For My Nvidia Board

Hello Everyone, a sort of noob question but a question at that.

i have a computer that i built as a media pc for my home theater some 2 ro so years ago, and the onboard graphics have been plenty for playing Blu-rays and such even
some rather mild gaming. however i would like to get into the gaming spectrum of things some time in the near future and my question is....

I have a MSI P7NGM-Digital Motherboard, which happens to have Nvidia Geforce 9300 on board graphics whos specs are as fallows;

16 Graphics Cores
Core Clock - 400MHz
Shader Clocks - 1200 MHz
Texture Fill Rate 3.6 billion / second
Max. AA 16x
Max. HDR 128-bit
Max. Analog Res. - 2048x1536
Max. Digital Res. - 2560x1600
NVIDIA PureVideo HD - Full HD Decode (1080i/p)
Display Options - RGB, Dual-Link DVI, HDMI

this also supports Geforce Boost, Hybrid PhysX feature turns the motherboard GPU into a dedicated PhysX processor, and Support for HybridSLI technology delivers 70%+ faster performance.

my main question is do you think that the Hybrid SLI, Geforce Boost, and Hybrid PhysX, woudl make any real diffrance?

i ask this because i have been looking at getting the ATI Radion HD5850, which runs around $260, from my very limited knowlage in graphics cards this card looks pretty awesome, i also love the fact that this card has HDMI, i am as good as sold on this card however i am still reluctant to put an AMD ATI card on my Nvidia baised motherboard,

Should I simply go for this card, or should i buy something nvidia?

such as the GTX 275

or is their an even better card out their for my budget/setup?

Please Don't Turn This Thread Into A Fanboy Shootout! i love both companys but just feel that, as of right now, baised on benchmarks and such the HD5850 is the best deal around right now.

I have an 850watt psu so power isn't really an issue, but i have read that the Nvidias tend to use more power, this may be wrong?
Core 2 Quad Q9300 @ 2.9GHz
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    If you want a fastest card for that price, then you have made the right choice...The HD 5850 is the fastest of the lot, that is available under $300. Some reviews points out that it even beats the GTX 285.

    There is no reason not to put an ATI card on an Nvidia chipset mobo...

    If you will not be using the Nvidia specific features like Nvidia 3D glasses and CUDA and PhysX, then go with ATI...IT offers more bang for buck...
    And dont get confused with those features that I had listed...
    ATI has alternatives...
    Stream for CUDA and PhysX is not supported by all the games out there...Only few games have PhysX support...So you dont have to worry about that...
    And for using 3D glasses, you would need to have a 120Hz LCD monitor, and you would have to buy the 3D glasses too...

    I would any time buy that HD 5850 over the GTX 275 that you have listed...
  2. i am still planning on buying the 5850, just for curiosity's sake , does anyone have any experience with the Hybrid SLI or Geforce Boost. Nvidia clames it to be a possible +70% performance increase, which i find extremely hard to believe.

    if this Hybrid SLI, Geforce Boost, Hybird PhysX stuff does actually show an increase in performance, how much? enough for a GTX 275 to beat out the HD5850 (which i doubt)?

    also, i do have a 120hz Monitor but dont really plan on going 3d anytime soon.
  3. Hybrid SLI and Hybrid PhysX when paired with the above mentioned GPU would not result in +70% performance increase...
    When using Hybrid SLI, it would turn down the discrete graphics when only 2D work is being done so that translates to power savings...
    And when using Hybrid PhysX, you can offload PhysX work from the GTX 275 to the onboard...
    That 70% performance increase only happens when you use a card like the 8400GS and 8500GT...SO the overall performance would increase by nearly 70% compared to a 8400GS/ 8500GT's performance...
  4. What About Manufacturers For The 5850? i am planning on getting a sapphire, but is their another brand that is better, or offers an overclocked version?
  5. i never like the idea to turn HTPC into gaming mechine. HTPC meant for quiet and low heat by putting 5850 or gtx275 will increase sound that will interfere with the movie, etc.
    the idea is great of having ability to play game on the big screen, i personally had one, but didnt like it, unless your computer is connect to the moniter next to the tv. i were you, i would use a graphic card that has no fan such as
    or you might already have a case that is sound prove that would be helpful.
  6. EDIT: Dint refresh

    ^ You can try ASUS...they offer very good o/c options...Right now, I doubt they would offer overclocked versions...Would take some time for them to release them...But you can yourself overclock the card with the help from the manuals and reviews such as this...
  7. well my i have sound proofed to some extent, and it also sits in an equipment closet behind the theatre when i'm using it there it is connected to my projector via HDMI into receiver then out to my projector, so part of it would be the playing on the big screen (120"). as for right now im at college and using it on a samsung ln32b640, i have already upgraded to a bigger case with 6 case fans, plus the 850watt power supply fan. sound isn't really that big a deal right now, plus i will be water cooling it sometime in the near future.

    ok i was just wondering about if their was a factory overclocked version, i have done a fair amount of oc'ing so it wouldn't be a problem.

    also i have stumbled upon a be a used 4870X2 for around $250 that i may be able to buy off of someone i found on, and despite where i found the card, he swears he never oc'd. i know this card is worth alot more than that and also is a better performer than the 5850, however the 5850 supports direct x 11 and uses far less power. should i buy the 4870x2 or simply go with the 5850? im not sure when the next computer upgrading spree will happen.
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  9. ^ I would stick with the HD 5850. Mainly for the reasons that you have pointed out...And one more thing is that you dont have to deal with crossfire issues too...
  10. alright thank you gkay09, for all of your help, i will be ordering the 5850 this morning.
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