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I need to access an old scsi drive with my pc to copy some files. Is there a way to connect a scsi through usb with an adapter or something? I have a Sata and a IDE enclosure that will go to usb but can't figure out about the scsi
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  1. I don't think that any company has bothered to make such a low-volume product. Have you done a Google search for "scsi to usb?" Here's a result: , but they are expensive.

    Three suggestions:
    1) What _kind_ of SCSI, and what kind of connector? There are 50, 68, and 80-pin flavors. Low-voltage differential and single-ended. Internal connectors and external connectors. What's compatible with one may not be compatible with another.
    2) Find somebody you know with a machine with a SCSI controller and use that machine for an hour. I've got three SCSI controllers in my house, with the Ultra320 actually in use, but you probably don't live near me.
    3) Pick up either a SCSI controller or some random device picked out from the Google search above. Before choosing one, be absolutely sure that you know what kind of SCSI you need (see 1).

    Unless you know someone with a SCSI controller that he/she could lend you the use of, you are in for an expense.
  2. SCSI cards on the secondary market are very cheap, check ebay.
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