Hard Drive/OS installation Issues

Hello everyone!

Here is my problem, hopefully you guys can help me out!

My boss has a laptop (HP Pavillion dv200) and the hard drive (SATA) died. He bought a replacement hard drive and handed me to install it. I opened the bottom cover corresponding to the hard drive and took out the old one and put in the new one (along with a plastic piece that fits over the connectors to ensure proper alignment). I put the Win7 install disc in the drive DVD drive, screwed in the hard drive and closed the cover, and turned the laptop on.

The laptop turns on but it just hangs with a little horizontal white line in the upper left corner. I have changed the boot order settings to boot from the DVD drive first since I am installing Win7 on the new hard drive. However, when it turns on it passes the boot logo screen and the screen just hangs. I tried doing a hard drive test from the BIOS and it fails. For some reason it isn't booting from the DVD drive. Before I replaced the hard drive (when the old broken one was in it) I could boot the laptop from the DVD using a Puppy Linux DVD. Now, the laptop won't boot from the DVD drive.

For the boot order, I have the DVD Drive first then the hard drive, then everything else. It should boot from the DVD drive first since it has the installation disk. When I enter the BIOS I try to select which option to boot from and I can only see "Notebook Hard Drive" so I can see it recognizes the hard drive. It doesn't recognize the Win7 installation DVD. How can I check to see if the DVD drive is bad? I don't think it is since it was working the day the hard drive died. I reset the RAM (switched the position of the RAM sticks) and that didn't do much.

I hope I didn't make it too complicated, I tried to cover pretty much everything. Thanks in advance for any help/advice!

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  1. Does your HDD have a jumper for limiting the interface speed to 1.5Gbps? Maybe the HDD is hanging up the SATA controller during the speed negotiation phase.

    Can you boot from the DVD if the HDD is removed?

    Does your DVD have a play button and headphone socket? If so, try playing an audio CD while in the BIOS menu. This will at least tell you if the CD laser is working.

    Is there an option to reset your BIOS to defaults?
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