Are these motherboards good enough for gaming?

I'm building a nice and cheap PC that I do plan on using for some high end gaming, such as battlefield bad company 2.
I will be hooking it up to a 1920x1080 monitor and putting in my ATI Radeon 4850. I will also add in 2gb more ram if necessary.
But after reading on some of the mother boards, I find out that some may not be good enough for such gaming. So i'm here to ask, will a cheap low end motherboard affect my gaming performance? Is there one on that list that you think would be better?

(The one highlighted in the picutre, is the one i'm leaning toward)
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  1. Not really, a cheap or expensive mobo only affect when you want OC, and in not all the cheap or expensive mobos is the same. Some expesives mobos aren't good for OC and others cheap mobos, are very good mobos OC.
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