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i want to do a virus scan in safe mode. however, i have an lcd screen that i added some years ago to my setup (which originally was a CRT), and it does not operate in safe mode. A small box with a resolution number floats about the screen. can i uninstall the lcd screen driver temporarily and substitute a VGA driver, for example. VGA works on my LCD, although not very good, but good enough for me to do my safe mode virus scan.

sony vaio pcv-rs850, HmEdtn XP, samsung lcd monitor
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  1. Yes, you should be able to disconnect the LCD and connect the CRT to the VGA port without uninstalling/installing drivers. But the LCD should work in the SAFE mode - all mine do.
  2. i don't have the CRT any longer. it's been years, nor do i have access to one. the message that floats across my darkened "safe mode" LCD screen is

    "Not Optimum Mode, Recommended Mode: 1280 X 1024 60 Hz". i don't know if that is generated by my monitor or the safe mode driver...?

    so, i wonder if there is any adjustment i can make so that the display comes alive as it should (or close).
  3. I resolved the issue in the end by looking to other sites on the web. I went to msconfig, and selected safe mode and vga mode there, rebooted and then got the desired result >> my lcd screen now functional in "VGA mode" and my operating system in "safe mode". From there, I ran my anti-virus and anti-malware programs from safe mode as recommended. My intent for doing this was to counter SLOW computer performance, and I wanted to rule out virus and malware as the cause. It turns out they were not the problem. I managed to speed up my computer somewhat by removing un-needed Services and Start-ups, but my old XP computer remains slow (over 2 minutes from boot to working, unfettered cursor).
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