Bad Gtx 580 overclock???


I have an asus gtx 580 direct cu 2.

I have set my voltage to the max of 1.150v in MSI Afterburner.
The highest stable core clock I have is 900mhz.

I used 3dMark11 to test for stability.

Any other core clock higher than 900 cannot complete 3dMark11 and returns an error.

Do i have a bad gtx 580 for overclocking??
Because I have read that many people can get to 950mhz easily.

Btw, my temperatures peak at 70c on 3dmark11 with 900mhz core.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. >______>

    You probably should of used the search before making this thread

    Let's see you run 3dmark11 on stock clocks = No Error

    You run it at 900MHz = Error

    Do you think it's a bad overclock? i'm pretty sure you can answer this one for yourself.

    Like what was said on 10000000 threads (especially on this forum), even though you have the same graphic's card as everyone else, the material that makes the card's circuit board, transistors, and core will never be exactly evenly distributed in production.

    Thus some can go higher, while others go lower. Same thing works in CPU's. You can also see this in Audio Devices. Some same speakers can come broken, while others work just fine. Not all speakers of the same brand or model will sound the same in latency if measured precisely.

    - Tim
  2. I have said that I reached the 900mhz overclock as a "stable" overclock. After a lot of tweaking, benchmarking, running games, etc.

    It means I did not have an error on 3dmark11 with 900mhz. Only when I raise the core clock to 910 I get an error. You know the thing is I have raised the voltage already to maximum already but this is the max stable overclock I can get.

    Yes i do understand not all video cards performs the same in overclocking but still I wanted to know If I can still do anything to increase the performance of my video card.

    So you think I shouldn't bother increasing it higher. Should I just stay with 900 and be happy with it? Or should I also increase the memory clock? Will it increase stability?
  3. Well usually even after increasing memory clock it might not improve much, for me it didn't whatsoever with the past 4 cards i've had. (GTX 295, 6950, 6970, GTX 480)

    900MHz seems to be your maximum core clock, but it hasn't been decided what it's willing to work at yet. You'll have to lower your highest voltage you set so far, and slowly drop it down until you get errors, the one right before the error should do good for 900MHz. This way your system doesn't run hot from slight overclocks.

    What you can also try is making sure you have the lastest drivers, and if any new one comes out perhaps it may help your card, most likely not, but it could happen.

    If you are still pissed from the 900MHz core, i say you move to rivatuner (Program), unlink the shader clock from the core clock, try going past 900MHz Core on there, if the same thing happens, what you could do is increase the Shader and the Memory.

    But of course, make sure you always overclock the core first, because it yields the most benefits.
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