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A Client is using a Bufflo TeraStation Pro 1TB NAS as a backup resource on his Windows network.

Files appear to be backing up to the NAS perfectly well.

We added a LaCie External 1TB hard drive to backup the NAS files to and send offsite weekly (rotating the devices).

We were unable to backup to the Lacie drive when it was formatted in anything other than XFS format.

In a worst case scenario of a total loss of the Buffalo TeraStation, would we be able to recover the files on the XFS formatted Hard drive through a Windows based computer?


-- Fletch :??:
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    Try opening it from a system with some sort of Linux distro.
  2. Good point. I'll let you know.

    Worst case scenario I think the end user would have to purchase another Buffalo Terrastation to get the files back into Windows. I was able to move the hard drive to another Terrastation and transfer the files back to Windows. Sort of a daisy chain method, but it works. Thanks.
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