Choosing between these two monitors

I live in on malta which is an island and only has 1 good store. The choices are:

24" Acer ETFV3HE003 Wide/DVI TFT Monitor
for 229 euro including VAT


24" LG W2452TX-PF Wide TFT Monitor
for 259 euro including VAT

which would you recommend as better?

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  1. both are 1920 x 1200 thats good, the acer looks better what about the dell 24"? its pretty sharp

    this is the list, the dell they have is 20 inch
  3. o i missed the island bit ... doh!
    that 26" view s looks good as well if not the acer
    im not an LG fan, i wooked in retail many years and they didnt have good service
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