How to make xp recognize 160gb hard disk drive

Replaced Win03 which was working fine, but had no affordable virus protection, with Win XP which will accept an install of Norton 360. I immediately upgraded XP SP0 to SP3 ok. Except in XP SP0 & SP3 Win Explorer (file system browser) says the C: drive is the right size, but the other 3 partitions of the 160GB RAID 1 drive (2 mirrored sata drive) are 5MB in size and basically empty! Ditto for the IDE PATA 160GB backup drive, but for all 4 backup partitions on it.

However, if I open Ctl-Panel -> Computer Mgmt and look at Disk management, ALL The Four Partitions Are The Correct Size as they were on Win03 for both the RAID 1 array and the 160GB IDE HDD.

Finally if I Run 'command,' and do a DIR for each partition, RAID or IDE, the downsized partitions show their downsized sizes.

Using old ASUS motherboard, 2.1 GHz Intel processor, 1GB RAM. Adaptec 1210SA RAID controller card.

I'm thinking drivers for XP might have been replaced with dumber ones during the clean XP install in the former Win03 partition. The Computer Mgmt utility maybe uses its own better drivers, especially in SP3. Maybe?

Might bail out and go back to Win03 or just try harder to install Ubuntu w/ Win4Lin.
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  1. You can get free virus protection on Server 2003. . .
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