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I just recently got the MSI X58 Pro-E and the Intel Core i7 930. I am looking to do mild to moderate overclocking max 3.4GHz. My question is what am I looking for when I pick RAM modules? How important is speed, CAS and voltage when talking about OC'ing a core i7 9xx
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  1. Ah I just lost my post by accidentally posting that. FAIL. Anyway ignore that.

    For overclocking you need high speed RAM otherwise your overclock will be limited by your RAM. So you should go for 1600MHz; the lower the CAS the more performance but don't spend too much more for lower latencies. Voltage doesn't matter as long as its under the DDR3 spec (1.65v). Don't limit yourself to 3.4GHz as these processors can go much higher easily =].

    Hope I helped.
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