SSD performance hit with OS reinstall

Will doing multiple SSD formats and OS installs damage an SSD? I am starting to sell SSDs as an option with the systems I build. I have selected the SSDs I will offer and plan to start doing the system images with each motherboard and SSD combo to ensure proper config and driver installation.

With standard HDDs my process flow is Setup BIOS > install raid/storage drivers as needed > install OS > install mother board drivers > update windows > take system image to be applied to future builds.

All builds are with Win 7 with best practice SSD settings configured pre-image.

Will following this proccess damage or degrade the SSDs I use as my workbench drives?

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  1. There's two things you need to do in order to make sure the SSD is running at its optimal performance:

    1) If the SSD is not brand new, then do a Security Erase on it to free up it's internal allocation tables.

    2) When you copy the image to the SSD, make sure you use a tool that only copies the blocks that are actually in use. If your tool blindly copies every sector, used or not, then the SSD will treat all of them as "in use" and that will hurt its wear leveling and garbage collection algorithms.
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