Outlook express for email on new computer

how do I get outlook express on a new computer from dell
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  1. Are you asking about the program itself, or are you asking about transferring your messages and addresses?

    I believe the program is installed by default, but if not, you could try Microsoft's website.

    If you need to transfer messages and addresses, you'll need to export them from your current pc, then (using a flash drive, or cd) transfer them to your new pc and import them using outlook.
  2. Unfortunately a new computer would be Vista or 7. These should have what is called "Windows Mail". It's extremely hard to actually get the messages transferred. You should do that export thing, but also find where the actual folder is and copy that over too. It might be easier to import into something like Thunderbird, but I haven't done that.
  3. Only Vista has Windows Mail. Windows 7 needs to have Windows Live Mail installed.
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