Can I overclock this?

Hi, I a complete noob to overclocking. Have never done it before but am willing to try.

First off I am wondering if I can actually overclock my CPU.

My CPU is AMD Phenom 9559 Quad Core Processor 2.20GHz
On this motherboard -

My PSU if anyone needs that information is 550w.

I was just wondering if I should actually try and overclock it because I need a better CPU and for this motherboard I can't get another better CPU that is over 3.0. ( Late on I will buy myself a new rig, but for now I want to try overclocking it.

TL:DR Can I overclock it and if yes then what is approximate speed I will get afterwards.

Thank you for reading, hope someone will respond.
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  1. I dont think you'll be able to. in my experience pre-built hp computers wont let you overclock the cpu but I could be wrong. honestly I would be surprised if you could, I don't think that motherboard will let you unfortunately.
  2. No you are kind of stuck you cannot overclock standard HP computers.
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    yeah right , all motherboard from HP,DELL, ACER (manufacturer branding) seem locked for overclock , u need new motherbord support oc and your CPU like gigabyte/ASUS/Asrock etc
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