Can you do custom liquid cooling for around 100 bucks?

Since I am going deciding to get an corsair H80 for around 100bucks, would it be better to do custom water cooling? If so, is there a tutorial or guide on how to do it?
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  1. The answer is no not even close not for a good one anyway. 200 is the starting point for a good custom some of the blocks can be close to 100 dollars themselves. Not to mention pump then 1/2 inch tubing 2nd block if running over gpu.... Then reservour and radiator you need on custom plus the need to bleed and add water to custom loops means a lot mor maintanence. You have to be all in to do the custom rout. Now they are awsome when up and running and will kill the h80 in performance if done correctly but if you want a plug in ang go use the h80.

  2. Ok, ty.
  3. For ~$150, the XSPC Rasa RX240 kit would be a great option. The RS240 kit is only $130, but you lose a bit more than $20 in performance IMO.

    If you're set on a closed-loop cooler, I'd go with at least the H100 since you'll get a true radiator (IMO).
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