2 Sets of Triple Chan Memory on M/board. Suggested hardware?

I've been trying to track down a motherboard and memory combination of 2 sets of Triple Channel Memory on a Motherboard. E.g Total of 12GBs or 24GBs of 6 memory sticks in 2 sets of Triple Channel configuration.

Sounds Like it shouldn't be difficult, but it is. To ensure it works, it must be approved by the motherboard maker and the motherboard needs to have at least 2x 16 PCIe slots at x16. I have tracked down some Asus boards but the fastest is 1800 and this OCZ memory is no longer available.

Can anyone suggest a site for advise or known combination that works.
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  1. ok first try an x58 motherboard for that combination and then check this articles:


    asus p5q pro turbo/q6600 @ 3.4 ghz 24/7/asus silent knight II/
    8 gb ocz sli edition/wd green 1 tb/seagate barracuda 250 gb/
    antec 300/ gtx 280 @ 690 mhz/1572mhz/1300mhz,
    apevia iceberg 680 watts/lite on dvd r/lite on cd
  2. Thanks shagrathdex666.

    I appreciate the input. However I could not see any part of the second article that demonstrated 2 sets of Triple channel. Can you point me? Where as I would guess that there are plenty of single Triple channel sets around, what is not common is configuring of two sets of Triple channel. (At least that are confirmed by the M/B manufacturer as compatible).

    Any others?

    PS, I'm using Server 2008 R2.
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