Potential dead power supply?

So I was playing counter strike for about 2 minutes or so and my screen just went black.
No blue screen, just black.
Then I tried to turn it back on, several times, the fan will spin for a few seconds and it'll light up, but then it just fades out.
There was no smoke, no power outage, and no smell.
What do you guys think I should do at this point?
Is a new power supply needed?

Specs are-

Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 Motherboard
XFX Nforce 680i LT Memory
2 GB G-Skill, unsure of what type Graphics Card
Power Supply
OCZ Gamexstream 700 WT Case
Ultra Alumnius
CPU cooling
Tuniq 120 OS
Vista Ultimate 32 bit Monitor
HP w1907
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  1. I've had problems like this recently. What you need to do to get the computer to actually turn back on is to either flip the power switch on the PSU or just unplug it for about ten seconds. Flipping the switch again or pluging in the cord again and hitting the power button should have the computer turn back on. If not, I would suggest testing other components in your build such as a video card.

    If you would like a more accurate diagnosis, I find that some of the smaller PC shops spend more time on each computer because they want to figure out the problem so that their customers come back and refer their friends and family to go there.
  2. Your PSU doesnt at all seem as if it would be strained by that system... How old is it?
  3. My psu is 4 months old.
    I tried unplugging and turning it back on, no luck.
  4. Our standard checklist and troubleshooting thread:
    Boot problems
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