MSI Eclipse or ASUS P6TD or ASUS P6T

Hello there,

I struggling to make my motherboard choice, I can get an MSI Eclipse for SGD$598 or an ASUS P6TD for SGD$568 or the ASUS P6T for SGD$448.

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  1. MSI....
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    Of the three, the P6TD Deluxe is the best and would be my recommendation.
    It has the best layout and a solid feature set.

    The P6T is also a solid choice but I find the layout to be not as nice, especially if you will be using multiple GPUs.

    MSI's products are generally of lower quality to other products in the same price range.
    I would recommend against their motherboard.
  3. I actually want the ASUS P6TD Deluxe as well, but the guy at the store recommends the MSI Eclipse maybe because it costs more. Oh well, so the ASUS P6TD Deluxe is the most value for money right?
  4. Yes, the P6TD Deluxe is defiantly the best of the three.
    Value for the money wise, the P6T is probably better but it sacrifices the clean layout and half the power phases.
    Go with the P6TD Deluxe, it is a good board.
  5. Sorry for disturbing you but what do you mean by the clean layout anh half the power phases?
  6. it is not true.there are no diferences about the quality.they are not building the components,solid capacitors,chipset and other things.they just asemble opinion is MSI=ASUS=GIGABYTE< EVGA.but EVGA is too expansive.the diferences are about the models.sometimes asus are best , sometimes giga , sometimes have to check which model is better,what are you looking for.
    ASUS sometimes is not telling the true,and gigabyte is always in a hurry, they are always first on the market,but all that new tehnology is not very good tested by gigabyte.
  7. In what ways are the MSI Eclipse better than the P6TD Deluxe?
  8. i did'nt say that the msi is better,or asus...everything is about features,price,and posible problems..and, just like i told you last time,there are much problems regarding asus than msi,or gigabyte...this is my opinion.and about the bios..i think for oc msi is great, they can give you a lot of posibilities to oc...

    now.tell me in wich ways is asus much better....u have eny prove that asus are made with much better components??than msi or gigabyte??i think everything is about your luck...and features...not components'quality.
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