Can Window's CHKDSK tool delete files on a Hard Drive?

Can Window's CHKDSK tool delete files on a Hard Drive?

This is for a Hard Drive that I use as a external Hard Drive with a enclosure.

Problem is while I was moving about 30 GB of files from my computer to the external HDD, I accidentally shut off the plug for to that external Hard Drive while it was moving. So I go an error message. Now everytime I use the external hard drive it asked me to run CHKDSK on it.

I am concerned because everytime I run it, after about 10-15min, "my computer" will not show how much space I have on my external hard drive any more, before it would say 300 GB left, now it will just say NTFS, and on properties it says 0 space available. I was just thinking it was formatting my drive.

I want to be 100 percent safe, as I have some pictures and a lot of other stuff on this external hard drive. Should I let the CHKDSK finish or not?
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    CHKDSK is definitely not 100% safe.. we used to refer to it at FCKDSK in my job. If you have a good backup or the data is not essential, then you can try to let it finish. If it continues to want to run you most likely have a phyiscal drive issue. If the data is critical and you do not have a backup I would immediately image the drive to new good storage. Make a copy of that image and try running chkdks on that.
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  3. i found a solution
    use gparted then u will be able to explore ur hdd
    and u can format it
    then it will be usable again :)
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