New HP mini 110 can't find my wifi network!

I have a new mini netbook which can't connect to my dsl homeline because it can't find it. It finds other secured wifi networks of my surroundings, but not my home one which I use with my other pc. I don't understand why it won't pick it has picked up connections everywhere I've gone...except at home. Ridiculous. I've tried to make a new connection, but doesn't work. Can somebody please help me?
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  1. What could anyone do on this forum to help you? You setup your wireless router and netbook not us.
  2. That's why he's called Grumpy !

    Is the router still detected by the old computer -- if there's been a power surge it could have been reset to factory defaults which may include wireless disabled.

    Have you checked the router settings for wireless mode -- the new laptop may be a newer standard than the router is set to. Presumably wireless SSID is being broadcast and you haven't enabled Access List.

    Do refer to the literature which came with the router or download the manual from the maker's site.
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