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My advent laptop has a fault motherboard how can its be repaired?
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  1. It depends, what is the problem more exactly? It doesn't start up at all? or it does but it keep resetting itself? and so on and so forth .. give us more detail and you might get your answer.
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    Repairing a board isn't something you can do easily. The printed wire board (the proper term before it's populated with circuitry) can have up to 18 layers of internal circuitry. I worked at an IBM plant that produced them for many years before shutting down. Bad caps may be replacable, but that's about it.
  3. Most commercial motherboards are four layer boards, but that really does not make them easier to repair.

    Surface mount technology (SMT) requires special tools and training.
  4. You don't really expect the OP to read back this thread, do you?
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