AH3450 and directx10

I've tried with Lost Planet Demo, Call of Juareaz demo and I all can with Directx10 and the games even can't be opened!
geez, even with the new Aero in windows 7 I have lots of problems (uses directx10).

Has someone be able to play games with the ASUS AH3450 AGP? I know it's not a great card for games, but at least It should show the game with few fps.
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  1. I forgot to say that games with directx9 (fifa10) works ok!
  2. With Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X Demo

    with DirectX 9 -> No porblem! Works ok.

    with Directx 10 -> It hangs the game!

    Also while installing the demo it adverts me the graphics card is not compatible. It has an ATI HD3450 chip, of course it should be compatible!
  3. the gpu is weak sauce.
  4. of course is pretty weak (VRAM DDR2 64 bits FFFFFFFU) but I've seen things like this


    And I want to know if the problem is in every AH3450 or only mine?
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