Gigabyte MA785gm-us2h turn off suspend - Solved!

I just submitted this question in your "ask an expert box" but then not much happened (except the Publish button disappeared) so not sure if it went somewhere or not. If it did I apologise for the double post.

Briefly, I bought a Gigabyte MA785gm-us2h mobo recently, and there appear to be only two settings for sleep mode, S1 and S3. I run an automated futures trading system and need the computer to be running all night. When it goes into sleep mode my system stops, so I need to turn off the sleep feature. Is that possible with this mobo, and if so how do I do it? Or is there some other way to stop the PC going into sleep mode (like a little program that sends a wakeup to the system every 5 minutes or something)?

Thanks in advance for all advice,
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  1. These are usually operating system managed functions - what OS do you use? Need to know to make instructions more specific...
  2. I'm a dill (that's ozzie for idiot). I thought the bios functions controlled when the PC slept, of course it isn't (when I thought about it hard enough) it eventually dawned on me that the o/s (win7) was doing it. A cursory search found the hibernate control, and one of the options was, of course, never. Apologies for wasting everyone's time.

    Thanks again, especially bilbat for replying.

  3. Once it's off (hibernation, that is), you can also recover the (considerable) space that hiberfile takes up on your system drive by entering "powercfg -h" (no quotes, of course) into the search bar or a command prompt,,,
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