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Hello Gurus,

Got a question

I have a OCZ Vertex2 SSD as my primary hard drive
Im using this PC almost a year and half - never played games or put the PC usage more than 15%
My windows index rating was 7.4 ( lowest was Disk data transfer rate at 7.4 )

I hvae checked today and the disk data transfer rate was down to 5.9
bringing my overall score to 5.9

processor - 7.5
RAM - 7.5
Graphics - 7.4
Gaming graphics - 7.4

Not too much concerned but any explanation to this one ?

and by the way - - i built this one with all ur help guys - Thank you
guys helped me wanted to post some pics of their build - i just bought noctua ND-d14 will install it and post the pics of my RIG
Cheers !!
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  1. Once all of the underlyong nand chips have been touched and used, a SSD will lose its performance, compared to a new state.
    This loss can be reduced or eliminated if the ssd can respond to the "trim" command when blocks are deleted. If your sata mode is not AHCI you will suffer loss.
    I think OCZ has some utilities that can restore performance .

    When I initially installed my Intel 510 120gb ssd some time ago, my wei disk index was 7.8.
    I just reran the assessment to check to see if mine was still ok, and the score was unchanged.
  2. I have my SSD on AHCI mode - TRIM is enabled and laos upgraded OCZ firmware on it , i re-ran the assessment - still brinhs 5.9 rating - not sure why this happening - or may be is it comparing with all the new ones on market and rated me 5.9 or any one can suggest anything else im missing to do to boost the performance -?
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    I recommend posting a screen shot of AS SSD Benchmark (no need to run benchmark), so you can see some vital information. This will help us get a better understanding of possible cause.
  4. My 160GB Intel X-25M G2 scored 7.7 when I first installed it over 18 months ago, and it's still scoring 7.7 today. So far it's sustained about 2.3TB of writes.
  5. thnx guys for the replies - ya i heard many of u guys have replied before that all ur ssd's did not get down rated even after using 18 months or so. im using this PC for only 10 months and initially my SSD was rated as 7.4 and now its 5.9 :??: .

    i ran a AS SSD test on it and im new to posting screenshots to this thread - how do i post a screenshot, i will try and do it today

    AS SSD Benchmark 1.6.4194.30325
    Name: OCZ-VERTEX2 ATA Device
    Firmware: 1.33
    Controller: msahci
    Offset: 103424 K - OK
    Size: 55.90 GB
    Date: 31/07/2011 10:34:37 AM
    Read: 195.96 MB/s
    Write: 42.20 MB/s
    Read: 18.73 MB/s
    Write: 43.95 MB/s
    Read: 95.60 MB/s
    Write: 43.10 MB/s
    Access Times:
    Read: 0.194 ms
    Write: 0.266 ms
    Read: 134
    Write: 91
    Total: 294
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