Low frames in ARMA 2 in SLI

in the ARMA 2 demo, see worse performance (by about 2 or 3 fps) when running SLI then when I run a single card. I have no idea why.

when running on max everything and AA and AF disabled at my screen's native resolution, i get sub 25 FPS. which makes almost no sense because I get much better performance in Crysis. my 3d mark score is also similar to other rigs with my specification.

I want to buy this game because it seems great but if I can't run it, what's the point.

specs are in the sig
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  1. There are likely a few possible reasons.

    What NVidia display drivers are you running? You may want to try the newest ones.

    SLI wasn't working in the Demo back at this time, not sure if it's fixed in drivers:

    Also, the game benefits from a Quad core CPU and your stock clocked e8400 may be holding things back. http://www.pcgameshardware.com/aid,687620/ArmA-2-tested-Benchmarks-with-18-CPUs/Practice/

    I can confirm seeing slight negative scaling like that with SLI in CPU limited situations. If you are comfortable doing so, OC that E8400 and see if your performance shoots up.
  2. im running the latest driver 190.7 i think, but it is the latest, downloaded it last week.

    do you know a guide for overclocking the cpu because last time i tried to overclock it 5% in the bios using the asus overclocker, i corrupted my hard drive and had to reinstall everything
  3. I'd suggest starting with this guide: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/overclock-phenom-pentium,2366.html

    You can also look at the sticky and ask for assistance in the forums:

    In all, Arma II will benefit more from addition processor cores more than overclocking, just thought it would help test for a CPU limitation.

    Unfortunately I'm pressed for time, so hopefully others can pipe in with more tips on getting SLI working in the demo.
  4. I've read about using this program evga released to optimize SLI for games and using Alt frame rendering 2 and turning off physx to boost frames

    has anyone had any success with this?
  5. I just ran ArmA 2 lastnight for the first time. See my sig for system specs. I was getting 21-28FPS with everything maxed @ 1920x1080. Turning Shadows & Terrain up and down was the difference between 28FPS & 21-25FPS. Not very much change. However the shadows being set at "Very High" makes a huge difference in visual quality.

    If I remember, I'll try to configure my ArmA 2 profile for Alt Frame 2 tonight and see if it helps any. Right now I'm using the default ArmA 2 profile in nHancer. Using the 190.07 driver as well.

    EDIT: Oh, and I'm running ArmA2 with the 1.4 Patch.
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