Aerocool VX-E Pro with Shaw V8 720 power supply

i am shopping around for a case and have found the Aerocool VX-E Pro, but the big catch is that i come with a SHAW V8 720 power supply. i have heard that this is the worst power supply that you can get. what should i do, get this case and wait for the power supply to need replacing or should i look for another case or should i just replace this PSU straight out of the box. Please help i am buyin g this system within the next two months, (probably this month). i want to get the PSU with the case, any suggestion are welcome. my price range for the case is around $100AUD

Here is my system
CPU: AMD PhenomII X4 965
MoBo: Gigabyte 790FXT UD5P
RAM: G.Skill Ripgaws DDR3 1600 4GB
Fx Card: ATI Radeon HD 5750/5770 (not sure yet)
Hard Drive: 500GB
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  1. Can you buy the case without the PSU and pickup a separate one? I would recommend buying a new PSU with your new build one way or another. You don't want to wait for it to go bad because it might take more out than just your PSU.
  2. Today is your lucky day!

    Here is the Aerocool VX-E Performance Gaming Case without a power supply:
  3. is there any other case that you could recommend for around the same price
  4. Hmmm.... The Aerocool case costs $69.99 over at zipzoomfly.

    The Antec Three Hundred is a very popular case with gamers on a tight budget. Currently available for $54.99 and shipping is free:

    The Coolermaster 690 is another popular case that has a classy look. Currently available for $79.99 and shipping is free:

    All of the others I usually recommend cost more. For example, Lancool, which is a subsidiary of Lian Li, introduced a new Dragon Lord series. The top of the line PC-KC62 model with side window can be had for about $99.99:
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