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I am builidng a comp for the first time and trying to mount the motherbopard, but it seems weird. i have the asus p6t and i7u 920. there are 9 holes on the mobo, and the case came with 12 of these little screws with holes in the top. do i put those in the case and then put screws through the motherboard holes into the top of those? or do i put those 12 things through the motherboard holes and just twist them in?

also, do i do this before i put in the cpu and heatsink and power supply? or after?

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  1. and also, if i have to use those things that came with the case and other screws, do the screws come with the mobo or the case or something, or do i just use my own screws.
  2. sorry i also have a coolermaster 690 case
  3. Okay...
    Step One: Place the MOBO in the case to determine where the stand offs line up in the case to the MOBO.

    Step Two: Place the stand offs in the case, where they lined up with the MOBO.

    Step Three: Install CPU, HSF & RAM onto MOBO

    Step Four: Install the MOBO on top of the stand offs and use the screws that came with the MOBO.

    Step Five: Hook up the connectors from the case, DVD, HDD per the MOBO manual.

    Step Six: Install the GPU and connect PSU connector(s)

    Step Seven: Install the PSU connectors to the MOBO.

    You get the picture from here...
  4. my motherboard and case did not come with screws though. there are some that look like they fit on the optical drive slots, and since i wont use all 5, that should probably work. but it's weird. the screws arent even listed in the contents of either case or mobo's instructions.
  5. Interesting... The screws that work for the optical drives will work but you need to have nine of them for your MOBO or you can stop by your local computer shop to pick up MOBO screws from the store.
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    Cm 690's motherboard screws are on the panel on the side of the 3.5 inch drive bays.
    There are also hard drive screws here too (the smaller ones)

    Should have more than enough and also the 3 extra standoffs (since you only need 9)

    I would put the cpu and heatsink in outside teh case (necessity if you have a heatsink with bolt through since you can't access the bottom of the MB once it's in) and PSU after so you have more space.
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