High temperatures for I7 2600k

Hi everyone first post on Toms forums :D . Here is my problem.

At the start of the year I bought a new rig to fulfill my gaming needs the specs are as follows:

I7 2600k
P8P67 Deluxe
Nvidia GTX 570

Also thinking about Overclocking I bought the following cooler: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835608014

It´s supossed to be a very good cooler and helps temperature go down.

With this in mind I did a mild overclock to my i7 2600k to 4.3Ghz with 1.248v and HT enabled. Lamentably the temperatures where not at all good (getting to 80C maximum and averaging 76c to 78c on the highest cores, all this on prime 95 FFT and blend). I started doing research online and found out that although this temperatures where really hot for my OC they would not damage the processor and in real life use they will be much lower so in fact staying with those temps would be viable although I could do better.

Not happy with these answers I tried reinstalling the heatsink 3 times because I thought I was doing it wrong, applying different the thermal paste as stated in the Artic silver 5 guide and cleaning the surface of the HS and processor with Isopropyl Alcohol before installing it . I also made sure to screw the heatsink correctly and follow the instructions as stated in the heatsink manual to make sure the processor is making contact with the heatsink.

I think the heatsink is not making good contact with the processor because Ive touched it 1 minute after starting prime 95 and the heatsink does not get very hot (Cpu idles at 40), after an hour or so of prime 95 (76c or 78c) the heatsink feels hot but I can still put my hand on the HS and it does not burn. While on prime 95 ive tried to push the heatsink down to see if it was not making contact but there was no difference in temp. Ive also checked visually to see if everything was installed correctly and if the HS was making contact and it seems everything its ok. Opening the front of the case (where you normally install your Optical drives has driven temperatures down to 75max and 72 average)

Last but not least my case is pretty small, although Ive got 2 intake fans (80mm) , 2 hard drive coolers with intake fans pushing air, 1 120mm fan pushing out air from the back, The PSU sucking out air from the top of the case, and 1 80mm fan pushing air out from the top (plus the push and pull configuration on the CPU heatsink) my cable managament is Horrendous or really bad at best (because the PSU is not modular) and the my case is really small for my system (I have 1 optical unit and 3HDD) therefore everything is cramped (for example 2 HDDs are in front of the 80mm intake fans) and all HDDs are really close to each other, I think the airflow in my case is less than ideal in this case.

The temperatures for my GPU go to 89c with furmark and the Board idles at 35c and at load at 40c.

I know what I have to do (buy some watercooling a bigger case and a modular PSU) but I still have these questions:

Could the CPU or Heatsink (or even the board) be defective from the factory and by some weird reason the contact between these 2 is not enough and that is why my CPU is getting that hot?

Its the culprit my horrendous cable managament and the reduced space in my case ?

Should the heatsink feel hotter than what Im reporting based of my CPU temperatures?

Im really lazy and I dont want to change my case, and because I dont live in the USA buying a watercooled CPU cooler would take time, therefore Would you see any trouble staying at those temps (ive read the processor supports up to 98c before throttling) or based on your experiences it will degrade my cpu quickly?

Im really sorry for this long post but im desperate and looking for solutions, thank you for reading the post. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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  1. It sounds to me like your case is the problem. Try this experiment: run your rig with the side door off and see if there is any dramatic improvement. You may even want to point a room fan onto the open side to provide extra ventillation. This test will indicate if the problem is with the case, and if it does not show dramatic improvement (say 20 C) then you know it is not the case.
  2. At first I can think its the case (ahhh its so boring to move everything), as I stated in post once I opened the front of the case temps dropped aproximately 5c. Although I will try that experiment and see if there is any improvement.

    Any other opinions could be helpfull, also my ambient temperature is around 23C or so.
  3. With any computer problem you have to proceed methodically: eliminate one source of the problem at a time. If that doesn't give you a result then move on to another test/approach.
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