Help phenom 965 overclock

hi im new to overclocking and im stuck on 4100mhz on my phenom 965

vcore 1.475
ref 212*19.5
nb voltage 1.215
nb frequency 2516

ive tried raising voltage but i dont like taking it over 1.5125
ive tried everything i can think of,
heres a screen shot of my current overclock any ideas greatly appreciated [...] empto.jpg/
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  1. Take a look at this guide for Phenom II overclocking. Maybe there is something in there you haven't tried yet. Best of luck.
  2. thanks that is by far the most detailed step by step guide to overclocking ive ever read its given me food for thought nice one
  3. having read and thought about it ill stick with my current overclock,

    i want it to be a 24/7 overclock and i only upgraded 8 months ago and i want my system to last a bit,

    while my temps are 45c under prime 95 blend test its winter and my house is a bit chilly, and i would like it to work in the summer as well,

    thanks to all in these forums for your help with my first overclock could not have done it without you, from the threads ive read to the people who have posted replys to me, thanks again all
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