1055t Overclock Help please!!!

My Bios settings overclocked from 2.8 to 3.3 100% stable. Now when I tried overclocking to 3.7 I only changed 2 settings the CPU ratio to 12.5 and Bus frequency to 300 which gave me 3750MHZ I started up the computer, ran prime95 temperatures did not exceed 37c, but i got a blue screen of death. Does anybody know what im doing wrong?

Ai Overclock Tuner
Cpu Ratio [14.0]
Amd Turbo core technology [disabled]
Cpu Bus Frequency [240]
PCIE Frequency [100]
Dram Frequency 1600MHZ

Cpu/NB frequency Auto
HT Link Speed Auto

Cpu & NB Voltage Mode [Offset]
Cpu Offset voltage 1.368 [auto]
Cpu/NB offset Voltage 1.150 [auto]
Dram Voltage [1.50000]
HT voltage [Auto]
NB voltage [Auto]
Cpu Spread Spectrum [auto]
PCIE spread spectrum [auto]

My motherboard is Asus M4A87TD EVO and im running 8 gigs ddr3 Gskill 1600
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  1. go to xbitlabs. click on the cpu tab and look. they did a write up over clocking on the 1055.
  2. I just need to know if i have to raise the voltages on anything if so raise it to what?
  3. You Dont Need A Guide, If Its Unlocked Stick With Simply Raising The Multiplier, Go To A MAXIMUM Voltage Of 1.55v And Stop At Different Overclocks Untill You Find The Max Stable, Thats The Same Method I Used To Get My Core Unlocked Black Edition Up To 3.9GHz From A Stock 2.8GHz I Cant Promise The Same Results That I Acheived But I Am 100% Stable
  4. it's a locked multiplier. go to the site and look for the thread and read it. there's more to it than adjusting the voltages.

    HERE.......... was real hard

  5. PCIE spread spectrum disabled , Cool n Quite Disabled CiE disabled , smart turbo core Disabled

    FSB to 281 multiplier X14
    Cpu/NB offset Voltage 1.150 [auto] to manual 1.18 - 1.2v (max)
    Keep NB at 2000 - 2200
    CPU voltage at 1.45 - 1.52 (for 6 core) depent wich you can get stable
    Drop your ratio Ram to 3:8 and add voltage to 1.62V
    KEEP YOUR EYES AT TEMPERATURE ! max temperature when do stress test 55-60C

    you will get 4.01 GHZ check in CPU-Z ... test use Intelnburn tes X20time use High memory if get stable test again use Prime95 4hours ...

  6. Thumps up Heny !!!!
  7. What I did is set my multiplier to 12.5 and fsb to 300 which gave me 3750MHZ, which let me choice 1600 in dram frequency so I Diden't have to overclock/underlock ram and i took my cpu voltage and raised it to 1.40 and cpu/nb to 1.25. It seems stable I got a blue screen on 1.39 cpu Voltage so i raised it to 1.40 no bluescreens yet less voltage the better right :> oh and btw there is no ratio for my ram in bios i dont see any option like that.
  8. Good deal great to see you got it flying along
  9. I set my HT link speed to 2100, it was set to auto [default] than i set my NB frequency to 2700 from 2100 [default] I Dont really see an increase in speed Am i doing something wrong?
  10. Go To A MAXIMUM Voltage Of 1.55v And Stop At Different Overclocks Untill You Find The Max Stable .
  11. Disregard..The above statement unless you want to fry your chip...

    @lafings-->before you give advice pull your head out of your ass before you start typing....That is some of the worst advice I have ever seen
  12. lafings said:
    Go To A MAXIMUM Voltage Of 1.55v And Stop At Different Overclocks Untill You Find The Max Stable .http://www.uklv.info/g.php

    Yeah that was pretty poor advice. I suggest not giving advice on overclocking unless you are experienced in it.
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