Which brand of PC Case cooling fans are the best and the least noisy?

which are the best
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  1. Scythe Slipstream and SFlex...
    they are available at various CFM and noise levels...
  2. I'm quite satisfied with my 3 Antec trispeed 120mm. They're low noise and rather efficient and they are cheap as well.
  3. i bought a few noctua's and i love them... a bit on the expensive side, but if you can afford them, they are so worth it ;)
  4. +1 for scythe slip stream and s-flex. before them I had scythe kaze maru (140mm) but they are not "that" good - they are OK but not as good as slip stream & s-flex.

    on PWM side I have Akasa Apache and I'm very very found of them - noise/performance wise they are on s-flex level but with the advantage of PWM...

    before scythe and akasa I had several cooler master (from my case) but was not happy with them - their problem is if they have nice air flow, than are too noisy and oposite - if quite, than air flow suffers. I have also noctua p12 which is OK (as s-flex) but too expensive for my likings...

    in short I have spent to much money & time to find "optimal fans". so far, scythe is my "friend" ;)
  5. to make my previous comment more complete, I will mention that I have 2 from each fan I mentioned except kaze maru... from those I have 5 :D 3x1200 RPM and 2x500 RPM :D
  6. Here is a link to an excellent web site with a lot of useful information about silent pc's and quiet fans:


    It pays to look around the site and read technical reviews.
  7. Thanks Johnny I actually learned something there, though it isn't my thing since I feel that as long as the DBA rating is under 40 its acceptable.
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