Best way to transfer files from one HDD to another?

Good morning guys, just got the parts to my new gaming rig!

I have quite a bit of music and other files I want to transfer from my old computer to my new one.

So should I just put the files on a flash drive and do it that way or could I connect an eSATA cable from my old HDD to my new mobo? Which would be the fastest/ most convenient?

Sorry I'm quite the newbie when it comes to storage.
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  1. It depends on the amount of data you have to transfer. If you have an external drive (flash or otherwise) that's large enough to hold everything, then copying from the old computer to the drive and then from the drive to the new computer is probably fine, and will save you the hassle of opening up cases etc. But connecting the old drive directly to an eSATA port provides the fastest transfer speeds and if you have a lot of data that will be faster.
  2. Thanks, that was very helpful!

    I only have about 4GB worth of songs I wanna transfer over. Is transferring via eSATA simply plug and go? Or will I run into formatting issues with my old HDD?
  3. Assuming that you're talking about different (or the same) versions of Windows, using eSATA should be plug and go. But one issue you may run into is if the files are in a subfolder of your profile directory (i.e., your "My Documents" folder). In that case you'll have to muck around with permissions to allow access by your new system.

    If that's the case, then for 4GB worth of files I'd just transfer them via a flash or other external drive.
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