Onboard ethernet stops working

I have a HP Pavilion dv6563eo laptop, with nforce ethernet..The onboard ethernet suddenly stopped working on my vista...I tried everything, but could not get it to work..

I decided to downgrade to XP sp3 32bit, and the ethernet worked beautifully for a week...then suddenly, it stops working..no error messages in device manager..When I try to connect i just get "local only"...Wireless works normally..

Why does it stop working suddenly? I have not done any changes at all from the point it worked and to the point it stopped working..

Any ideas? Ive tried reinstalling the ethernet driver, reinstalling chipset driver, tried 3 different ethernet driver version, nothing works...the ethernet will not connect to my router using dhcp,or using a crossover cable... does it have something to do with power management?

Ive tried unplugging all cables , removing battery, and hold in the powerbutton for 1 minute

Why does it stop working suddenly, without doing any changes to the OS at all?

I repeat : I have not done any changes at all from the point the ethernet worked and to the point it stopped working. Im 100% sure if i reinstall XP or VISTA the ethernet will magically start working again, but after a week or so it will die...any ideas?
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  1. Do you try with another ethernet network card? or in CMD you can ping to
  2. yes I can ping
    I give up, I guess its a hardware problem that must be fixed with bios or something...
    I have ordered a USB ethernet adapter..
  3. Sorry this is copied from an older post about "Network cable unplugged", but the post was from like 2006.... Not sure if your computer was showing "network cable unplugged", but it is an issue that many seem to have with onboard nvidia network controller ethernet ports that will stop working for days or even months, and if you magically do something right or reinstall the OS it will work again for days or months and the problem will happen again.... The odd part is that it also happens with PCI cards...??? (mainly from what I've seen it mostly happens with SLI boards with nforce 4 chipset - K8N for sure, and some HP computers that used the nvidia network controller)

    Oh, one thing I forgot to mention in the post below... after I gave up on getting a wired ethernet connection to work (since even a CARD had the same issue), I switched the wireless network to wireless N linksys and started using it so I could at least get 200 mbps.... There was never ANY problems with the wireless working (maybe because it *can't* have 'network cable unplugged'? lol) perhaps it is because the wireless doesn't use the same resources that both the onboard and 3RD PARTY PCI card use w/ wired connections? I have no clue where to go from this point... but here is what i've gathered:

    "I am having the same problem w/ my nforce mobo. It seems to pick up the lan, sometimes, and not others. I've had multiple arguements w/ hp over it, because i feel the nforce mobo's (and i've been told so by many people higher on the tech scale than I) share a serial bus with another component. I believe graphical. Their are times this corrupts data, and i believe makes the port inoperable. Only occassionaly does this happen and reverse, for extended periods of time.
    I don't have any advice, only the want to know if you find out anything, and any more about your experience. "

    "I am having the exact same problem, Ive installed windows xp pro/ xp 64 same issue , installed a known working 3rd party network adapater and it does the same thing. Wierd thing is upon reinstalling the adapters they assign with a new numerical identifier such as network adapater # and rise as you attempt reinstalls. I know the connection is good because im using it on another machine right now. This happened after I let it sit about a month next to my desk. Im going to try reinstalling windows again with a legacy driver for the motherboard.. one from the disc, without the network cable plugged in , followed be an antivirus install before I plug it up again. This is a 3 week problem love to find a solution."

    Me too.... been searching forever to find a solution.... seems to be mobos w/ nforce4 chipsets for the most part... and yes, same here - a PCI 3rd party adapter does the same thing...

    The hard part is... reinstalling the OS will fix the problem, installing the 3rd party NIC will fix the problem, and sometimes... just randomly uninstalling and reinstalling the device with a combination of rebooting, etc (usually many many times) will also fix the problem.... BUT none of these are a permanent fix, it just gets the connection back, but then later (maybe hours maybe weeks) the exact same thing will happen... and you think "WTF... I fixed it?? NOOOOOOO"

    This makes it sooooo hard to find a solution, because as the anonymous poster said... only on certain occasions does this happen AND reverse, for extended periods of time. So reading forums about someone with the same problem and people with more expertise helping them... they finally find a "solution" or it just goes away, and the real problem is never even gotten to, because the network card will probably stay connected for a couple weeks before showing "network cable unplugged" again

    If anyone knows the answer, PLEASEEEEE let me know!!!

    Here is what I can contribute:
    My board is an MSI K8N Neo4 w/ SLI (and yes I use the SLI... perhaps that has to do with the problem).

    -It does not have to do with the OS, multiple versions of XP, and windows 7... both 32 bit and 64 bit - all have this issue
    -The driver update, etc... does not matter, the driver windows installs and the newest driver from nvidia will both work, and both come up with the same error. Seems the driver has no effect on this problem.
    -Same goes for hardware... cables, switches, routers, etc. are not the issue.... I originally thought it was hardware issue with the mobo, and got a replacement... YAY it was working, for 2 months :pfff:
    -I tried taking out memory like noodlewad mentioned b/c I also had 4 gig, took 2 sticks out and went down to 2 gig... problem was solved!! ... but only for 3 days :pfff:
    -The ethernet port WILL light up, randomly though, as others have said...
    -the light on the front of my router does not light up, however the activity lights on the back of the router still blinks, just not rapidly (most likely stlil trying to negotiate with the port... I think the ethernet on the computer still sends a tiny tiny ammount of packets. most likely something really basic, but i don't know enough about networking...

    Also, like the quoted post, it definately seems this issue lies within settings that are automatic and MOST of us don't even know how to adjust (hopefully someone does know :) ?) ... like sharing resources used by another device (although not on a regular basis), such as the serial bus, PCI bus/location settings, IRQ number, memory resources/loaction.

    If I knew how to assign the IRQ and location to NOT be automatic, I think that would be my best bet at fixing this... but all I've gotten so far is 'it is in the bios settings'... the bios settings only allow me to change the settings for a SMALL number of IRQ numbers to auto or manual.... when I'm in windows, the tab under resources for the device that shows the memory and IRQ info has a box checked that says 'automatic'. It is greyed out, and I have yet to figure out how to uncheck that box and set a manual one so I can continue troubleshooting the problem.

    AND that would be the most frustrating thing at this point... knowing what the problem is NOT related too, but stuck at a point where I can no longer troubleshoot or try things to fix it... it has gone beyond my computer knowledge, and I know quite a bit about them, although i'm not an expert at programming or an electrical engineer ;) but hopefully someone who is an expert or can build a computer , er, MOTHERBOARD from scratch has had this very same issue and will pop in and give me the answer i've been searching for :love: pleaseeee?
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