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Hi all. Basically just wondering if it is worthwhile upgrading my mobo so i can use my crucial c300 64gb ssd's at the 6gb/s speed. It's something i will do eventually anyway as im looking at getting something like the Vertex 3 when i can. One would think its obviously going to make the ssd run faster, but i have read that this may not be true in every aspect of its performance. I have the latest firmware for the drives if that makes a difference as to how they may operate now compared to when they were released. Thanks in advance.
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  1. (1) Don't upgrade MB just for the SATA III. While I feel that the newer MBs make a good upgrade (CPU & MB), it is for other reasons than just the SSD. Addition of USB3, better chipsets and versitility.

    (2) You are right not to look at the "Advertized" speeds and most benchmarks. Look at benchmarks that simulate real world performance such as PCMark vantage. On resent review showed that there was only a 10->15% diff between "mid-level" (SATA III using marvel Controller) and the High end SATA III using the SF22xx controller (ie Vertex III). If looking at upgreading to Vertex III - DON'T.

    (3) In your case: diff for the C300 on sata III vs C300 on Sata II. - Not a biggy, it will increase the sequencial read/writes (Least important), but only change the small file read/writes by a small percentage (most important).
  2. Thanks, RetiredChief. I was hoping that the c300 could run alot faster with sata III (as some have claimed) but its good to have a solid answer. That and the promise of lightning fast drives such as the Vertex III was pretty much the only reason I had for upgrading the mobo as I have a good setup apart from that. Just about every review I have read indicates that the V3 is the fastest available ssd right now so perhaps I should just wait for better technology to arrive, unless you can suggest something better? btw: I use my pc primarily for 3D animation and a bit of video editing/compositing if that gives an indication of what might be the best upgrade...
  3. Yes, the Vertex III can claim "Highest performance on planet Earth", but this is coupled with - Highest customer DISsatisfaction. For the small performance advantage (Real World), I can not recommend OCZ - Marvel based Sata III has a much higher customer satisfation percentage.


    From one of my previous post:
    From new egg, Sata III drives, 120->128, Gig with 40 or more respondents. * first number is nr of repondents - ie 126 for vertex III
    .. Vertex III ....... 126 - 26% 1/2 egg
    .. Agility III .......... 51 - 47 % 1/2 eggs
    .. Vetex III Max ... 78 - 19 %

    Compared to:
    .. Intel 510 ........ 101 - 11%
    .. Crucial C300 ... 347 - 7%
    .. Plextor PXM2 .... 41 - 5%
    .. Crucial M4 ......... 69 - 2%

    My take: Ocz needs to put on their box 2 labels (1) Plug and PRAY and (2) Buyer beware
  4. Thanks for the link, its a good read. The Crucial M4 looks good to me ( i wonder if performance would be better using the same brand for all 3 of my ssd's) but I will probably go for the Intel 510 if i decide to upgrade my mobo now. Or maybe just wait until the new controllers are sorted out. Thanks for your help, if you have any further thoughts let me know.
  5. Thanks for the advice, Gene O. What would be an example of large sequential transfers apart from copying large files around? (just wondering if 6gb/s would be worth it at all for my line of work) Would compositing video/animation fall into this category whatsoever? Disappointed that sata III isn't really as amazing as the manufacturers have been claiming. So anyway, looks like I will spend the $$ on a new ssd (intel or crucial) and postpone the mobo upgrade for now...
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    The sata III support for high sequencial read/writes is great for working with larg video files. Just one problem unless the are on the SSD you will not get the benifit. If they are on the HDD you would be limited to the HDD xfer speed.

    For working with large video files Ideally you would use two SSds, one as the boot + program drive and then one for a work disk and a HDD to store your work.

    If you had the money an Ideal system would be 16 gigs (or more) Ram, A SSD and a HDD. You could create 8 -> 12 gig ramdrive which would be your work (scratch) drive. Only draw back is that the video file would have to be smaller than your Ramdrive. Just as an SSD blows the door off of a HDD, a Ramdrive leaves the SSD in the dust - Like a rabbit being passed by a sports car..
  7. Right. That clears it up a bit. Thats actually the point of getting another ssd. My proposed setup is a c300 64gb for the W7 OS, a second c300 64gb for media data (video, application data etc) and a new ssd (probably go with the Crucial M4 256gb) dedicated to running my demanding applications (3DSMax, Zbrush, Video editing etc). Obviously the idea is to have the 3 ssd's running independantly to get faster multitasking etc. If sata III will be great for large video files then this is something I definitely need. Incidentally I DO have a HDD but use it basically as a backup, not really an active part of the system.
  8. BTW: I do have 16gb ram atm. Already have one c300 for the OS and another currently used for programs, but i am running out of space on this one so the idea is to buy a bigger ssd for programs and use the existing for video etc.
  9. Might want to try a ramdisk. Usally 8 gigs of ram is the sweet spot with little performance gain above 8.

    If you enjoy playing around. This one is free for use upto 4 gigs, if you find you like it and want to go to 8 gigs or 12 it cost $15. I got the freebee, then paid the $15 just to play around with. It is about 10x faster than the SSD.
    AS SSD
    Seq reads - 4,714, writes - 4,967
    Overall score 4,614 (My M4 is only in the 600's)
  10. Hmm, sounds like a good idea, I had never heard of such a thing before. Ill definitely look into it however I dont think 8gb would be enough for the current project im doing. I could be wrong. I will most likely get a new M4 256gb and setup as I have mentioned above. On a related note, (and i can create a new thread if this is too much off the original topic) I have noticed that most new mobo's only have support for 2x sata III connections whereas I will have 3 ssd's with the 6 gb/s capability. My question is, if sata III is really only good for high sequential read/writes such as large video, would it be better to just have the 64gb ssd dedicated to video etc and the larger ssd dedicated to software plugged into the two 6gb/s ports? I would think the OS ssd wouldn't benefit from 3gb/s so i should just leave it where it is atm. Any thoughts?
  11. sorry, i meant to say "I would think the OS ssd wouldn't benefit from 6gb/s so i should just leave it where it is atm"
  12. Yeah, I think seeing as im now using one of my c300's for video data/animation etc when I upgrade my motherboard I will hook it up to the sata III port to get better sequentials. The others I will probably leave where they are. Anyway, Ill cross that bridge when I come to it. When I do upgrade it will be an almost full system upgrade and I really dont think I need to do that just yet. What I have is still pretty good for what I need to do with it. Thanks for all the help people!
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