Cooling fan stopped working on my laptop

my cooling fan on my laptop stopped working , why & how do i fix it ?!
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  1. If you have to ask I recomend you take it to a professional. As most likely you don't have the tools to make the repair without doing additional damage.
  2. Try entering the bios first to see if their is a diagnostic tool to detect faulty Hard ware.

    I assume the fan just fried and died, so you are going to have to replace the heatsink/fan.

    This takes a bit of skill and mechanical ability. Assuming a faulty fan You will have to:
    1. get a replacement fan/heatsink for your laptop
    2. take the old heatsink/fan off
    3. put the new heatsink/fan on.
  3. Unless you've taken apart and repaired a few laptops i strongly advise you to take it to a repair shop.
    Laptops are a pita to work on and like one poster mentioned it's extremely easy to cause additional damage.
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