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hi there guys i have jsut built a new pc and have managed to strip my old(very very) pc for the HDD's that it had so i can copy some files i have to the new pc/hdd.

after i pluged them in only 1 hdd showed up in my computer and that needed to be formated the other even though the pc can see it adn knows its there will not allow me to access the info.
it doesnt show up in my computer either just the device manager

old pc - windows xp home

new pc windows 7

can any one give me any tips/advice on how to access the stuff on the hdd's please? i have a lota videos i would like to save if i can :)

many thanx for the advice

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  1. Hi Phil,

    Well, give us as much detail as possible about your new computer, MB, CPU, Video Card, RAM, what HDD's are installed in it, and if it is working OK.
    Then as much detail as possible about your old drives, Make, Model #, size, PATA or SATA, if formatted with FAT or NTFS, and if they still work on your old Win-XP? How did you attach them to your new computer, and do they show up in the BIOS?

    That way someone will be able to stear you in the right direction.
  2. sorry bout that i was late home from work and half asleep :( so here goes :)

    new pc
    asus m488td
    amd 3.2 quad core
    4 g g-skill 1600hz ram
    ati hd 6870 1g gfx card
    1t hdd 7200rpm hitatchi

    all working as intended

    old pc
    file sys ntfs
    barracuda 7200 160 gb (x2)
    model st3160023as
    sata connections

    and both show in my bios and my old pc has long sinced died so iam unable to test them on that, i attach them via the sata adn standard power conections

    hope this sheds a lil more light on that
    again my bad for not been clear the first time

    thanx again

  3. Hi Phil,

    All that info really helps!

    Very nice motherboard with all SATA 6 ports.
    One thing I always do with a new MB is update the BIOS to the latest available intially. Something to consider if not done already.

    Let's take this sequentially:
    First go to the BIOS to check on several things. Your 1 TB Hitachi should be plugged into Port SATA1. On the Main page, the On Chip Sata Channels should be Enabled, and each of the On Board Chip Speeds should be set to Auto (your Seagates are 1.5, possibly 3 Gb/s) and they may not be seen if all set to the higher speed.

    The SATA1-4 are configured together, SATA5-6 configured together. I'd put your Seagates on SATA3 & 4 for now.
    Should have the SATA mode on IDE or AHCI, not RAID.

    If all OK, boot up to the desktop, then Device Manager. All 3 HDD's should be seen as well as your DVD. No exclamation mark icons should show.

    If all OK, go to Disk Management, and report what is seen in the lower graphical section. Better yet, might use SnipIt to capture an image of this page and post (photobucket or Imageshack) to review.

    You should see Disk 0 - the Hitachi HDD, Disk 1 - one of the Seagates, Dis 2 - one of the Seagates.
    List what is says for each in the Disk Status Column, and in the Volume Status column. Also what color are the bands above each of the 3 HDDs?

    You had also mentioned one of the Seagates requesting formatting. If you formatted that drive, the data won't be available anymore without using a data recovery program.

    Let us now what you find, and with this addt info, we hopefully can get the 2 Seagates to show good manners.
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