DOMINO A.L.C meets Nemesis Elite

I been working on my Build for a month now.I am in no hurry to Build (Violet) But it seem I had one problem after the other with my build.I am starting to think it the case.I want my build where I can Gaming Rig,but at the same time be able to make videos from my Sony camera.I want it to be SLI ready.And be able to clock it.I went with the Domino A.L.C coolit system.

To get the Domino in place you first must remove the Back fan.As i went to place the Domino where it should be mounted,witch mounts very easy.I noticed there a bar going across the middle of the case.Maybe not quit in the middle.

As I went to close up the case for the night.I could not close it up cause there a big fan on the hood that hitting the Domino A.L.C. I was wondering if anyone had a ideal for this problem?

The only 3 things I see that I can do is!
1.)Remove the bar from the middle of the case.(would destroy the case,maybe)
2.)Remove the fan from the hood door.(The pc would,more then likely not stay very cool)
3.) Or buy another case.(Would put my new build behind)

If I buy another case.The question I have will my old system fit in to the new case?And I have a case in mind.What do you think?

My Computer Information - General

ECS (Tidelwave motherboard)
System Model: W30
BIOS Version: American Megatrends Inc. 07.00T

Operating System
Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Version: 5.1.2600
Service Pack: 3.0
Location: C:\WINDOWS
PID: 55274-640-8365391-23187
Hot Fix: KB973869

Memory (RAM)
Capacity: 1.25 GB

AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2200+
Version: x86 Family 6 Model 8 Stepping 0
Speed: 1800 MHz

Local Disk
Total Capacity: 206.31 GB
Sum of Hard Disks: (C: F: )
Used: 37.31 GB

Free: 169.00 GB
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  1. I ran into a similar problem with my old Thermaltake Armor Jr. case. As far as I know, they have yet to remove that stupid support bar from that location. I ended up just cutting it out, it won't destroy the case by removing it, but the case will flex under shear forces on the corners. Might be an issue if you do a lot of lan parties, but not if you don't move your case around much.
  2. Can you add a picture of the hood fan? Maybe we can see if we can do something creative with it before cutting out parts of the case..
  3. WOW think they will give me my money back on this product?
  4. If you purchased from somewhere reputable like newegg, they should at least give you a refund - 20% restocking fee no questions asked. Otherwise, you can contact the company directly, though I don't think they will be able to do much besides offer an upgrade to a superior product in their lineup if you pester them enough.
  5. Now I am stuck,What the best CPU cooler out there.
  6. Best for price: Cogage True Spirit or Xigmatek Dark Knight S1283V
    Best: IMO... Thermalright "TRUE"

    Edit: Cogage only fits on the LGA 1366 socket.
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