Prime 95 stable using smallf FFTs, BSODs using blend test, read inside

My 2500k is OCed to 4.7GHz @ 1.334volts. it is prime 95 stable using small fft test and used OCCT cpu test for 4 hours stbale no errors.

My surprisingly underperforming corsair RAM (vengeance LP DDR3-1600 9-9-9-24) is not able to run at DDR3-1600 without BSODing in blend test. So I turn it back down to 1333 and it STILL BSODs. I thought that was impossible and that it could be the CPU OC being unstable so I run small FFTs test again (that is the one that focuses ont he CPU if Im not mistaken) and its stable.

Does that mean I got a really shitty RAM kit from corsair?
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  1. Run memtest86+ and see if it's ram or cpu.
  2. add voltage of RAM / relax timing 1333 to 9-9-9-24 first
  3. Try increasing the IMC voltage a bit you may achieve stability with that. A better alternatively to Prime95 is the Intel Burn Test, Which is a through CPU stress testing software.
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