Gtx 280 recommendation

amd phenom II x4 920
ddr2 1066 kingston hyperX
biostar 790gxb a2+
bfg 550w psu
gtx 260

I currently have a gtx 260 and i am not impressed. i cant play crysis on 640-480 without lag on high? I was wondering if i got a gtx 285, could i play crysis at 1240-1280 on very high with high fps?

At best buy they are selling a bfg gtx285 for 250.00? wow WOW?
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  1. What resolution are you playing at? 1280x1024? You shouldnt be getting low FPS from a GTX260 on high at that resolution, you likely have a software conflict. It takes an obscene amount of graphics hardware to play crysis on very high, so dont use that as your benchmark, if you can play crysis on high you can max out just about every other game out there. Try it on high and see what it gives you. Im not sure why they are selling that GTX285 for so low, something seems weird.
  2. Sorry yes thats the resolution. I have noticed in games i will have a very good framerate and at the sudden moment of something being more graphic intensive, my framrate goes down the crapper. Something does seem very weird about the gtx 285 for that cheap. I cant play it on medium without lag? i can play most games but with some to many hiccups.
  3. Man Crysis sure does sell alot of video cards... haha

    Crysis is one of those cames that no matter what you have you never seem to max it out.
  4. The gtx285 is that cheap because the 5850 is faster, cooler, consumes less power and only costs $10 more.

    Do the smart thing.
  5. Just give it time until the 5850 is back in stock everywhere. They always under supply at the beginning and then sell out.
  6. Thanks, crysis does sell a lot of HIGH END graphics cards. Does anyone think my power supply is low or cant handle my system because people make fun of me for having a good-high gaming system and a LOW 550w power supply
  7. Which BFG PSU do you have? They make a few, yet really NICE PSU's. I believe they make 3 550W PSU's, the GS, LS, and MX. Which one do you have? Regardless, even the GS should be fine with your current system, but I wouldn't trust it with a 2nd card, or anything much more than you have. The LS and MX could handle a higher end card.

    Who makes fun of you? You are practical with your choice, you have what you need. I have a 750w because I planned to crossfire, which the 2nd card is on it's way. Tell those people to P$$ off.

    If you had a Rosewill PSU we would make fun of you :-p
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