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I just got a new build running Vista x64, got an eVGA GTX 260 Core 216 with it. But every time I install the video drivers, after restarting, I get a BSOD every time before the logon screen usually appears. The BSOD says "SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION", 0x000003b.

I can restart in safe mode and roll back the drivers so I can login normally. But every time I install an nVidia driver (tried quite a number of different versions, including the one on the CD that the card came with), it BSODs exactly the same way.

I've searched the net quite a bit without finding a solution. It seems only a few people are having the same problem, none of which found a solution. It's a bit hard to search for since the "System Service Exception" error doesn't really point anywhere too specific.

Ideas? The computer is pretty useless without video drivers...

Build is:
ASRock X58 Extreme
Intel Core i7 920
eVGA GTX 260 Core 216
OCZ Gold 2x3GB DDR3 1600
OCZ ModXStream 700w
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  1. seems strange
    try updating the BIOS
  2. I'm now noticing scattered across the screen. They showed up initially but only for a few minutes. Then they disappeared for a few hours but have now come back for quite awhile.

    Could this mean my video card is farting out?
  3. Could be a lot of things but im inclined to think it may be memory related, have you tried testing the memory ?
    Also i just did a quick search and other possables are Zonealarm if you are running that try turning it off and i read a link that said its possable that its OS related and you should make sure you are fully patched up to date with all SP's etc

  4. I think the problem is the video card now.

    I was really reluctant to try another card since the only other video card I have is a water cooled 6800GT. Throwing that into another build isn't exactly easy. In fact, it was extremely difficult. But I wanted to be 100% sure before I started RMA'ing everything I bought.

    I was able to fit the card on, and voila, no more red artifacts. I was even able to install nVidia drivers for it with no problems.

    Obviously this must mean I received a defective GTX 260, mmm? I thought the artifacts may have been from overheating, but I left the whole system off for a few hours and the artifacts still showed up on boot. I then considered the power, but I would think a 700w, reliable PSU would be more than sufficient.

    What confuses me is why it BSODs after installing drivers in Vista x64 but in Windows 7 x64 the device manager just says "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)".

    The driver issue made me think I had to change a setting in the BIOS related to PCI-E or something but once I started seeing artifacts, I figured the card is just shot.

    I may just RMA it. How quick is Newegg usually with this type of thing?
  5. Quote:
    You notice what scattered across the screen??

    What showed up for a few minutes??

    What disappeared??

    Makes no sense.

    Yep, that made no sense whatsoever. ;)
    Seems I forgot to put in "red dots" as in "red dots scattered across the screen".

    I RMA'ed the card last week and should be receiving the replacement tomorrow. doesn't offer a return for refund on VGA cards, only for replacement, as most stores do. Newegg was good about it though - waived all shipping fees and are sending it back Next Day Air.

    After sending it in, I did try an 8400GS to see if I could install the drivers but ended up getting the same exact problem. Turns out the system didn't really like hyperthreading that much, and of course immediately upon disabling it, everything booted fine (even with the video drivers installed).

    Apparently there seem to be a lot of issues with the i7 and hyperthreading?
  6. i've heard that some games don't play nicely w/ the i7 yet...
    mainly EA titles.
    But i've never heard of the HT causing so many OS related issues
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