[Asus P7P55d-e Pro] Motherboard compatibility questions

I have a lot of questions, being a first time system builder. I have it all propped up and ready with a P7P55d-e motherboard, but a lot of questions have come to mind.

1. Speedfan does not seem to support this particular motherboard. I replaced my original fan in my Cooler Master 212 CPU cooler with an antec tricool one and it runs at a constant speed. I hear that you can control it by controlling the voltage through software. If Speedfan can't do it, does anybody know what can?

2. I realized this motherboard has the high pitch whining noise, so i turned off C-state. no biggie, im' not too sad about it, my problem though is overclocking. I have no idea how to actaully go about it. It seems that whenever I overclock, it changes my memory settings too (overclocks the memory) and my timings are all off. It would appear that 21 is the highest multiplier for my core i5 750, so if I want to overclock it to 3.8ghz, my BLCK will have to be around 180 and my RAM would have to run at a DDR3-1800 speed with the wrong timings. Is this correct? Would I have to test compatibility for both the CPU and the RAM to make sure it'll survive the overclock and since my original timings are 7-8-7 and now are 9-9-9, does this mean i can safely bring it back to 78-7 with the overclock?

3. I hear 60 degrees celsius is where you want all your core components to be. Is this true? Anything higher is bad right?

4. How important is a 8 pin power for your motherboard as compared to a 4 pin. The asus manual states 8 pin is better but i read that 4 pin is adequate. i only ask because i need to buy an adapter to reach the 8 pin power on top of the motherboard since my p supply is bottom mounted.

5. Also, my ATI 5850 seems to have some issues. It has this weird glitch when loading windows 7 and it refuses to wake my Dell 2408 up after it reaches power save mode. Is this a problem with my drivers? My computer would go to sleep, upon waking it up, my monitor remains dead.

6. My keyboard, a Razer Tarantula can not work in the bios. Is this a motherboard issue or is this my keyboard. I read that some people have it working with the drivers, but i don't, sadly.

Sorry i know my questions aren't all motherboard related, but I didn't want to spam every board. Thanks for any help you can provide! :)
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  1. Just so people know:

    2. I solved the overclock issue by running my BCLK to 195, This way I can overclock my processor to 3.8ghz while maintaining my DDR3 default speeds of 1600 and 7-8-7-24 timing. My motherboard wouldn't let me boot up when I overclocked my RAM and I'm not that knowledgeable to care about overclocking the RAM.

    4. I bought an extension so I can plug the 8 pin in. I don't know how safe it is to run it with 4 pin, better be safe than sorry right.

    6. I just resintalled the drivers and it works in the bios now... sometimes. but better than nothing.

    If anybody can help me with the other three, I'd greatly appreciate it.
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