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Hi all, im thinking of getting an ssd for my toshiba portege r835 to make everything snappier and get faster boots, etc. I dont need a ton of space cause i dont store any big files on here, just need enough for win 7 and ms office. Been looking at these kingston ssd, 96 gigs, 120$ after rebate (Its bigger than 60 gigs, but its the same price range) corsair nova 2, 60 gigs, 100$ flat crucial m4, 64 gigs, 117$ flat another kingston ssd, 64 gigs, only 83$ after rebate

Based on price and capacity, it looks like the kingston drives are the better buy. However, their performance doesnt seem to be very good for a drive in that price range. Also, the nova series 2 from corsair seem to have good specs, but they are new and there arernt really any reviews out for it yet.

I need help deciding on one of these four drives, the only one I can really find good, solid info on is crucial's m4.
Or also feel free to suggest a new drive for me to check out :) anything more than 120ish for 60 gigs doesnt really seem worth it though

Thanks everyone!
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  1. I have the Kingston SSDNow V+100 96GB SATA II SSD. I bought it when newegg had it on sale for $99.99 Just wanted to experiment with it. There are a few things you should know about the drive. It is considered to be a entry level ssd. In terms of synthetic benchmarks it is not s speed demon and should not be compared to something like the OCZ Vertex 3. In practical real world terms the drive does very well reading data. Programs, charts, databases, documents, images, and other stuff load fairly quickly, sometimes in the blink of an eye. Writing/saving data to the ssd is slow. Write/save speeds need a boost.

    Here is a link to the up to date ssd database that lists just about every consumer ssd available and links to all of the technical reviews:
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