How to install windows 7 WHEN IT SAYS NOT A VALID WIN 32 APP

how do i install win 7 when it says not a vaild wi32 application. please ans me
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  1. Sounds like you are trying to install x64 version on top of a x86 version of Windows. It will work if you boot from the DVD drive first before the hard disk on startup.
  2. Boot to the DVD.

    Please be advised that you are trying to install a 64 bit version of Win 7 on top of a 32 bit install. The 'upgrade' is possible, but requires a clean install. You may NOT run 64 bit Win 7 from inside a 32 bit OS. You must boot to the DVD and do a clean install. Your applications and data will be located in a folder called WINDOWS_OLD when it is all done.
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