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OK, I'll start off by saying I have dial-up. :( I used to have Juno, which sucks terribly, and so I upgraded to Juno "Turbo", which costs $14.95 a month, whereas the original Juno was free, and now costs $9.95 a month. The problem is, with the original, at that time free Juno, I was getting normal dial-up speeds of 56k. With the "Turbo" version, I am paying almost as much as Quest's basic offer, only I get speeds of 45k. Ripoff? I feel pissed. What the hell do you think the people that came up with Juno Turbo were thinking? "I have an idea! Let's charge more per month and call it 'Turbo Internet', but give them slower connection speed! We'll be rich!"

On another note, is there any ISP that is cheap but gives you 100k or so? I would greatly appreciate any advice.
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  1. Hmm... December 2009, and your on Dial-Up in the US?

    I'm sure for $15 you can get fast ADSL, like 8Mbps...?
  2. Assuming you don't have access to cable, dsl, perhaps even satellite, it sounds like that other 100kb line might be ISDN. Years ago that was the alternative to dial-up, basically 2 x 64kb phone lines. It might be possible your landline provider has it. Nothing compared to cable or dsl, but sometimes that's all that's available.
  3. What part of the country do you live in? Are you out in boonies or near a city?
  4. this is an old thread, let it die.
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