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Hdd problems

have installed ssd as my boot drive on my 6860 fx from gateway and the 2tb hitachi as secondary but ssd is almost full and the 2tb hdd doesnt seem to be working as it should i have no idea what ive done wrong when i try to download a game off steam says i dont have enough disk space but the 2 tb hdd has 1.78tb open
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  1. go to bios option and select hard disk option there is option for hdd that you want to reduce your hdd capacity to 1tb or lower something and also you can select maximum capacity.
    check that all
  2. By default Win7 installs everything to C: which is your SSD.

    Move Swapfile, temp folders, user fodlers from SSD to HDD,
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    how new is your mobo, older ones might have issues with large drives.

    What do you mean by the 2TB drive is not working properly? if you mean it is not automatically giving you more disk space then thats OK, because thats not how it works.

    Currently steam sounds like it is installed on C:\programs\steam or similar, you need to backup your games, to your d:\ reinstall steam on d:\programs\steam and then restore the backed up games.

    Unless you tell a program to install on the D:\ (i.e. the 2TB drive), then it won't install there. Hope i'm not teaching you to suck eggs, but your description of the program 'doesn't seem to be working' needs expanding on to help us help you without starting at the basics.
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  5. what happened?
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