SSD to buy or not to buy Opinions welcome

Looking to buy and SSD and I have read TONS of reviews...

At first it came down to these 2

OCZ vertex 3 120GB
Intel 510 120GB

Have seen both benchmarks and they stack up pretty well

While I have read how fast the vertex is and how amazing it is, I have also
read tails of epic failure

As for the 510 I have seen more than a few people say it has Intel on the side but it doesn't live up to the name that spawned the X-25!

It's a typical battle Marvell controller vs Sandforce

I am leaning towards the sandforce and out of the blue comes a darkhorse
ADATA S511 I have read some pretty good reviews and while it's not quite
the Vertex 3 it's still seems to be a pretty good bang for the buck they of ssd at the current price of $239 at the egg...

so any thoughts on this ssd and sanforce in general would be very welcome in helping me confirm this as the drive I'm going to pick

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More about opinions welcome
  1. Sandforce 2200 controllers are having issues and need more time to workout the firmware. I would take a series look at the Crucial m4 drive over the Intel 510. It has better performance and typically cost the same or less than Intel.

    If you go Sandforce, I would stick with OCZ, as they are the most active in updating firmware for issues. Other options are Corsair Force GT or Patriot Wildfire, which competes with the OCZ Vertex 3 MI, in performance.
  2. In the past, Intel has had the fewest returns:

    But, I think you may be on the wrong track chasing the latest and greatest.

    You may read about glowing benchmarks for the newest SSD's.
    The sequential benchmarks drive the SSD to it's maximum with programs that issue I/O operations
    at a much faster rate than an application can, and does so at high queue levels. 6gb sata looks great.
    But, a normal desktop user rarely does anything remotely like that.

    The second type of benchmark measures maximum IOPS which will be done at high queue levels again. Think >30.
    That is also not what we do. The OS does mostly small random I/O, and at smallish queue lengths.
    It is the response time that matters most.

    It turns out that at low queue lengths, Most SSD's have the same response time, and they are very low.
    That is exactly what you want from a SSD, particularly for the OS.

    So, what does this mean when buying a SSD?
    ---------------Bottom line-----------

    Get the capacity you need at the lowest cost per gb
  3. to emphasis what geofelt stated and the reason that "real world" test do NOT show a big diff in performance, about 10->15% which for most - would not notice it.
    read :

    From new egg, Sata III drives, 120->128, Gig with 40 or more respondents. First Nr is total reponses.
    .. Vertex III ....... 126 - 26% 1/2 egg
    .. Agility III .......... 51 - 47 % 1/2 eggs
    .. Vetex III Max ... 78 - 19 %

    Compared to:
    .. Intel 510 ........ 101 - 11%
    .. Crucial C300 ... 347 - 7%
    .. Plextor PXM2 .... 41 - 5%
    .. Crucial M4 ......... 69 - 2%
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