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I currently have the following hard drive setup in my main desktop...

1 x 1.5TB Boot drive (C:)
2 x 2.0TB RAID 0 (D:)
1 x 1.5TB Backup drive (E:)
1 x 1.5TB Spare drive (F:)

I am now planning to buy a pair of 3TB Seagate drives to replace my existing RAID 0 array. The data on the existing RAID 0 volume will be migrated over to the new 6TB RAID 0 volume. I have a OCZ Revodrive 3 240GB on order that will become my new boot volume (I should have this by next Tuesday). With the goal of reducing the number of drive letters present on my system, I am planning to move both of the 2TB drives in the existing RAID 0 array out of their current setup to serve as my new backup drive.

I understand how a concatenated JBOD volume is structured. What I am unsure of is how the data on that volume is structured. I am still a bit unsure as to whether the data on one drive of the JBOD volume will be recoverable should another drive in said volume fail. The data on the current backup volume is not currently replicated anywhere else, but will be soon, given the 3 x 1.5TB drives coming out of my main desktop and going into my server box. This is why I only briefly considered a RAID 1 array as an alternate solution.

If anyone could confirm whether data recovery software would be usable if one JBOD drive failed, I would really appreciate it.

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  1. Normal recover data programs won't work because they aren't designed to handle RAID array of any sort. Even if you use JBOD, you'll still need to use RAID in the bios, which should limit your choice of recover programs. At least as I understand things.

    As always, I suggest no raid.
  2. Sorry... should have specified... the RAID controller would be reverted back to AHCI mode so that each drive is addressed individually before data recovery would be attempted.
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    Yea you can recover from JBOD, but the idea of is to never have to TRY to recover. Its anything but definite and its never easy. If I were you, I'd take my 1.5TB drives, create a 3TB RAID 5 volume, a 2TB RAID 0 and the Revo drive. You can then image the Revo and the 2.5TB of the RAID 0 volume to your new 3TB RAID 5 for backup and have the Revo and another 4TB of RAID 0 space. You can use the remining 1.5TB of RAID 0 as some fast temp space that you know is not backed up.
  4. so it would be like

    Revo - Boot - Imaged to Backup
    2x2TB RAID 0 - 4TB RAID carved into 2.5TB and 1.5TB volumes, 2.5TB volume imaged to backup
    3x1.5TB RAID5 - 3.0 TB for backup, backing up the Revo boot and the first 2.5TB partition of the 4.0TB RAID 0
  5. All I am really concerned about is being able to recover from a failed JBOD or not. My intended drive setup has already been decided. If I need a certain bit of data backed up, I have the server in the next room for that purpose.

    I know you're trying to help tokencode, but the configuration of these drives was not what I was asking for assistance on. Thank you for confirming on my original question though. Much appreciated.
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