Amd 780g crossfire

i have an gigabyte ga-ma78gpm ds2h and am looking to do a hybrid crossfire set up but am unsure what the best viedo card would be? the board supports pcie2.0
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  1. Hybrid crossfire really isnt worth it, just buy a cheap 4650 and you'll be better off instead of getting a card that is equal to the 3200 and crossfiring.
  2. This chart shows the only two cards you can use for CrossfireX are the HD3470 and HD3450.

    I'd agree with Jenny and just go with a better card.

    -Wolf sends
  3. i think it is better to go with single solution with more powerful card like HD48XX or HD5XXX
  4. I never bothered trying to get hybrid working on mine, for the reasons mentioned above.
  5. thanks folks for all the help i will just spend the money and get at 4650
    thank you for you time
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