MSI Afterburner for EVGA 560ti for Overclocking?

I was looking online to find what software was best for overclocking your GPU and alot of people said that MSI's Afterburner is the best. My issue is that my GTX560ti is an EVGA brand and I want to know if Afterburner is okay for the EGVA card.
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  1. It will work but you will not be able to change voltage which in most cases isn't needed.
  2. Afterburner works on every graphics card out there (OK, almost every graphics card), not only MSI cards. Use it with confidence, it's a damn decent piece of software.
  3. Thx and one more thing what should be the max temp for my gpu to be in let's say furmark?
  4. Don't use Furmark. It sometimes hurts the GPU by stressing it too much. MSI Kombustor (included in Afterburner's package) works better.

    Anyhow, you should try to keep the GPU temps below 80'C~85'C, although at 90'C you should start worrying about the safety of your GPU.
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