PCIe 1.0a vs HD4870

Hello guys,

Does a HD4870 works in a PCIe 1.0a x 16 slot of A8R32-MVP DLX. mainboard?

Thanks for reply

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  1. Yea will work fine, theyre all backwards compatible, you wont be limited by bandwidth by the 1.0 spec either
  2. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    Yes it will work because PCI-E 2.0 is backward compatible with PCI-E 1.0
  3. Thanks 4 help,

    Ok guys , mainly I agree that there is backward compatibility between 2.0 and 1.0 but I cannot be sure if the compatibility is the same between PCIe 2.0 and PCIe 1.0a or what difference is between 1.0 and 1.0a. I've read that 1.0a is a bit more restrictive than 1.0 but I don't know what that means. I also know that HD 3xxxx series are working for sure with 1.0 and 1.0a because there are automatically programed to adjust the speed to the PCIe slot. And there are info . on the internet specifically for the match between 1.0a and HD 3xxxx series. There is not the case for the match between 1.0a and HD4xxx series. I couldn't find nothing on the internet for that specific situation. Did you ?

    I'm about to buy the HD 4870 so I will dislike to have to sell it back if it won't match the 1.0a slot.

    Thank you all for help and support.

  4. Well I think that I have to admit that IT WORKS . Here I found a system already built with the combination A8R32 and the HD4870.

    Athlon 64 4200+ @ 2.62
    Asus A8R32-MVP Deluxe
    2x1GB Kingston PC3200
    Seagate Barracuda 320GB
    Powercolor HD4870 512MB
    Extream FEX-65T28 SuperFlower 650W
    Windows XP SP3


    Anyway I think to buy the 1G RAM Sapphire model of HD 4870, I hope this will work also.

    I'll come back with details.

    All the best

  5. You ask a question and you get two very intelligent people answering your question and then you add in "Well I think that I have to admit that IT WORKS ."
    You think they are right?? Really? Those two have forgotten more than you know.

    Then after they answer, you search around and see that someone did what you are asking - which is what you should have done in the first place.

    If you arent going to trust the experts - why write in?

    My question to you would be why keep such a crappy system and put a very good graphics card in it?
  6. Hi vvhocare5,

    First ,... :) a big looool.

    "The doubt is the mother of wisdom" I'm not sure if this is the proverb in English but is an acceptable translation.......... i guess.

    How will I know that those two are "very intelligent people" ??? Maybe they are, maybe they........ don't know for sure (as I do, I mean I don't know for sure :) ).

    There are a lot of enthusiastic and altruistic 14 y.o. boys around the forum, ready to give you the best answer. So are you sure is the ultimate truth? you can't be, and if you go on their hand, from first ,... well that's called superficiality.

    So I have the right to doubt. I need proof. A written one. And the official texts are quite divided.

    "As PCI express 1.0/1.0a standard is not compatible with PCI express 2.0 specification, installing PCI express 2.0 cards onto PCIEX16_2 slot will result in system fail to detect expension cards installed"

    by ASUS experts

    of course is other chip-set than mine.

    I've been searching around a lot , I mean A LOT , and frustration made me to put the question here in between time.

    If they state that they are experts ,.. no problem, I'm happy to trust everything they will answer from now on . I didn't know that .... In my mind experts are not available on forums, they work for pentagon or microsoft... I'm happy to hear that Tom's has some well payed experts that chat with everybody on the forum.

    well the system if cheap now , and has the PCIe x16 like the Pcie 2.0 which you will never use at full, never , only if you put inside the latest mightiest graphic card, that costs, only the card , 3 times more then my whole system. So there is no point in investing money in hardware. Besides System Bus 2000/1600 MT/s is enough to play games , even SUPCOM aka Supreme Commander , or even the Crysis and so on. The "crappy system" is DDR1 ,.. BUT .. I have 4ns. access time on that DDR, and CL2 which leads to the high enough responsiveness. The CPU is dual core and 64 , and has 2Mb L2 cache ..is decent. Its an Athlon 64 x2 +4800 (ADA4800DAA6CD).

    The HD4870 will be probably bottlenecked, but I can put it in the next not so crappy system that will follow this one, if I'm not satisfyed by its performance.

    That's the story man,.... nothing more nothing less.

    Am I wrong ? If so thanks again for don't letting me in the dark.

    Nice we !


    P.S. I'm really curious about the reply . And I'm a good guy even if you may think I'm a bit ironic, but , .. u know ,..... why not ? "Pour l'amour de l'art ".
  7. I can see not trusting a new comer but if anyone with a veteran, addict, or moderator tells you something its gonna be the right info we pride ourselves here on being very knowledgeable.
  8. Well although i am a moderator but i have to disagree,every one makes mistakes so it always to ask others recommendations or a google search just to make sure :)
  9. Even myself taking info from the pros i like to ask around, i try and take things from every perspective so dont be too harsh on him whocares, if he wants more opinions, then sure hes more then welcome to ask some other people as well
  10. Hello guys ,,:)

    ........happy to be back with news (bad news) :)

    So ,.. I got the 4870 1G from Sapphire. I stick it on the blue (main) PCIe 1.0a and all I have, are the 3 red led (of death) and the 3 green led on the back of the video-card. No boot screen no nothing. All vents and fans are running. The PSU is a brand new Seasonic S12D (750 W .... max 900W) (more than enough, can it be faulty?? how can I test that?)
    All cables are fitted in place the 24 pin motherboard + 4 PIn , the 2x 6PIN PCIe cables on the video card .
    CMOS cleared.
    The card was tested with the other 2PCIe cables from the 1rail , 2 rail , and mix off the 2 rail, as the cables are marked by "yellow" and "yellow with black stripe" to make difference of which rail they come.

    any new idea will be appreciated.

  11. I found this cool step by step tutorial, have to try it first .........


  12. well...

    maybe my monologue will serve to someone .. who knows ..:)

    I powered the mainboard only with the CPU and the small speaker attached (that was tested before to see if it works) and there is no beep sound at all.
    So I can state that the CPU is fried.

    If someone may think to something else please drop me a line.


    P.S... I noticed that the heat-pipes from CPU cooler, are getting warm (after I disconnected the CPU fan for a few seconds 30~ 40) is this normal for a fried CPU?
  13. Could be a few things, tried booting with just one dimm of ram, checked for bad caps, checked for bad bent pins etc
    If nothing seems out of the ordinary and your not sure just make a new thread
  14. hello guys :)

    The problem was some shortcut between MB and computer case, as far as I can figure. Now everything runs perfect.

    thank you all for your support.

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