PWM Splitter Woes

I recently bought 2 of these

I have 2 pwm fans on my graphics card heatsink, and two on my CPU heatsink. I want the two on my graphics card to run on its pwm signal, and the 2 on the cpu to run on the signal from the cpu motherboard's cpu header. I want them all to draw power straight from the psu. Right now I have the graphics fans working perfectly, but my cpu fans are just running at full tilt. The splitters are exactly the same and I connected everything the same except for the pwm source/rpm wires. I have a Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD4 mobo, and I have BIOS fan settings on PWM. Another thing to note is the mobo is also not registering an rpm signal in the BIOS, MSI afterburner registers and accurate reading for the fans on my graphics card. These are my cpu fans

I have rechecked connections and redone BIOS settings a lot already. I can't figure this out :/

any help would be awesome ty!
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  1. in the motherboard manual it says "for a 4 pin CPU fan that is not designed following intel PWM specs, selecting PWM mode may not effectively reduce the fan speed"

    now I am wondering if intel made some bs proprietary waveform and gigabyte only makes their motherboards to output that? I'm really hoping almost every fan is intel pwm spec and the problem is somewhere else, any info/help appreciated
  2. so after another time through the datasheet, turns out on those fans the yellow wire is the pwm and the blue is tach. A little strange but also very dumb not to check, classic me. All parts mentioned work great, I recommend them.
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